Design Process


Getting Started:

The first step in the design process is a free consultation, where the designer meets with the potential client on site to discuss details of the project including intended use, client needs, aesthetics, and initial ideas for the space. Having the opportunity to get a feel for the site and the scope of work gives the designer essential insight and the information needed to provide an accurate estimate of the required design time. After the first meeting, the designer creates a design proposal to present to the client before moving forward. Once a design contract is agreed upon and signed, Landwell Design + Build Co. uses the following phases to convey initial conceptual ideas, develop the design, and deliver a final master plan:


Phase I - Design Exploration:

Landwell Design + Build Co. will present the client(s) with a conceptual design for the designated area. This first iteration of the design will illustrate the concepts that were conveyed by the client(s) in the initial meeting, as well as the ideas of the designer. These conceptual ideas are intended to show the client(s) the proposed arrangement for the different elements desired in the landscape. This phase will be interactive and the client(s) will provide feedback on which ideas they would like to see explored further and which ones they would not.


Phase II - Design Development:

The designer will take the feedback from the client(s) during the phase one meeting and further develop the design. The designer will present the client(s) with a more detailed design that shows proper scale, placement and orientation of hardscape elements, planting areas, and other landscape features. In this phase the designer will present the client(s) with different material and plant options/styles in order to coordinate these details with the overall design direction.


Phase III - Final Design:

The designer will take Phase II feedback and develop a comprehensive master plan of the designed space that will include the following:

·       24”x 36” Master Plan, drawn to scale, that includes material specifications, construction notes, planting specifications, plant species and plant quantities.

·       Construction Proposal that outlines the cost to build the project

3-D Renderings:

In addition to our standard design package, Landwell Design + Build Co.  can produce photo-realistic 3-D renderings of a design. First we create a 3-D model of the existing or new residence with finish materials, property boundaries and terrain. Then we build in the proposed design, complete with hardscape, structures, furnishings, plants and decor. These renderings are presented as different views of the landscape, as they would appear from the perspective of a client standing in the finished space. 3-D renderings are an incredibly helpful visualization tool, bringing the proposed design to life for our clients. Check out some examples below!